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Passionate team builder who understands that although technology and processes are valuable, people are more valuable to the success of a program.

Pragmatic Agile Leader that understands how to scale and distribute Scrum across an international organization.

Evangelist of Agile Best Practices and implementing a quality first approach towards all aspects of software development.

Expert execution manager who has successfully delivered business and consumer solutions throughout a 15 year career.


► Implementing Agile management practices
► Evangelizing and Implementing Agile development practices
► Successful Integration of the QA role within an Agile development team
► Successful Integration of scale and distribution on an Agile project
► Servant leader who empowers and guides his teams to success
► Amateur poet. Expert gamer. Still trying to play soccer with 20 year olds.

Recent Experience

Senior Manager, Agile Development Leader

Public Company; LOGI; Consumer Electronics industry

March 2008 – Present (3 years 6 months) Toronto, Canada Area

* Led teams that built the next generation Logitech products out of the newly formed Digital Home Group. These products generated over 100 million dollars in profits over the last 2 years of market presence.

* Developed a World Class development team. I promoted, developed, and supported enterprise Agile development practices, which had a direct and measurable impact to quality, increase in developer productivity and higher team velocities.

* Introduced a robust test automation framework to provide necessary and critical coverage of business rules. This investment in automation was largely responsible for minimizing future development costs.

* Carefully incubated careers by empowering each team member with a strong sense of pride in their craftsmanship and encouraging them to continually challenge their own goals and expectations. Each team member has achieved great personal success and has formed the technical leadership of the company.

* Introduced and Evangelized successful Agile and Scrum best practices in DHG. Logitech used this success as a template to distribute and replicate throughout the entire organization.

* Created a model for Enterprise scale distributed development within the Scrum methodology. This was achieved by promoting fully cross-functional teams that autonomously developed products under a disciplined program of technology and process governance.

* Successfully Integrated the QA role within the Agile development process through governance practices, automation, and the definition of done. 

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