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A domain buying we will gooo...

Imagine my surprise when i found out nunoborges.com was available! That was probably the quickest credit card transaction i've ever committed at GoDaddy, clearly spurning the perceived threat of nunos (intentional use of lowercase) all over the world reaching the same awareness.

Naturally, i needed a home for this erstwhile endeavour of mine, and this is how i landed at SquareSpace. Needless to say i'm quite impressed with the site's ability to facilitate near endless customization. A boon for an old lazy web designer like myself.

Well, i suppose we'll be "Under Construction" for a time here, and until i figure out what the hell i want to do. For now however, you can find Mikka's and Kaia's blog entries under their headings, having just pulled off a painless import from Blogspot.

Back soon

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Reader Comments (1)

I wish I were as lucky. The registration for nunoramos.com expires in November of this year, I wonder if I should wait to see if he renews or perhaps make him an offer? It's not like he's even using it. Bah!#@

March 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNuno Ramos

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