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Graphical Resumes?

I just read an article in LinkedIn that really has me challenging the traditional recipe approach to creating resumes. Knowing that the 1st level of filtering is normally automated by a resume-bot that looks for keywords, we intentionally manipulate the mechanism by ensuring that these keywords appear in our own resumes.

.net / team foundation server / sharepoint / agile / tdd / scrum

What if we splashed our resume with a liberal amount of charts and graphs that portray our experience and skills in a unique and creative way? Imagine showing the breakdown of your skills in a 3D pie chart. You satisfy the word and acronym hunger of resume bots, the resume stands apart on a desk next to the .txts and .docs sitting next to it, and it also declares something about your personality for employers that aren't looking for the granola time-stamping worker. The big question for me is - would this work within the Software Development industry?